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Entity Clearing and Cord Clearing

Clearing Sessions

What Are Energetic Parasites?

Just as there are many physical parasites that affect the body and its health, there are also nonphysical or energetic parasites. If they are not dealt with and cleared from your energy, these parasitic energies can create all sorts of problems. 

Energetic parasites are well-known and treated in many systems of healing, both ancient and modern.

In the book Entities: Parasites of the Body of Energy, Dr. Samuel Sagan, founder of
the Clairvision School of meditation, describes energetic parasites (also called “entities”) as “nonphysical beings or presences that come to be attached to human beings and act as parasites, thereby creating various emotional, mental and physical problems ranging from eating disorders and uncontrollable emotions to the most severe diseases.”

Clearing Techniques

Energetic parasites are explored using the IST process and eliminated through a specific technique of clearing.


For more information, check out Clairivision School website’s Entities FAQ.

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