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Energetic Healing

There are many forms of healing that work on a person’s energetic body, or body of life force. For example, acupuncture utilizes needles to help remove blockages in someone’s energy, or chi as it is called in Chinese. In India, Ayurvedic medicine utilizes food and herbs to help replenish and clean out a person’s energy, or prana.

I work on the same level of energy that is called chi in the Chinese system and prana in the Indian system. Issues in the body can in some cases start at this more subtle energetic level. IST methods of energetic healing involve gentle and noninvasive techniques to help your life force realign and flow more freely helping you move towards feeling energized, healthy and balanced.

IST  (Inner Space Techniques)

Based on the inner space of meditation taught by the Clairvision School, these techniques provide a method for seeing and understanding the energetic components behind your emotions and reactions, allowing you to access deeper aspects of yourself that have more vitality and life.

How Does it Work?

The IST process works at a level of emotional release and healing that is beyond the ordinary mind. When we ask what’s wrong with us and how to fix the issues we are experiencing, we’re often operating from the ordinary mind. We don’t realize that many issues exist deep inside, beyond what the ordinary mind can perceive.

Sourcing and Emotional Release

Through sourcing, I help clients move from the outer layers of emotions, thoughts and patterns to the inner depths of the psyche. By seeing what lies behind your emotional patterns and mental conditioning, huge understandings occur that can bring major shifts and clarity about who you really are.

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