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InnerSource SF Events

Invite Inner Source SF  to come and speak​


Looking for someone to come and speak about meditation and consciousness? How about on energetic healing? Inner Source SF  is available for public talks & events, meetups, and functions you may be hosting.

Utilizing experts in the field of meditation & healing, we offer a variety of sub topics and interests such as:

  • Energy Management - How to better manage your energy and not get tired.

  • Energetic Parasites (entities) - Are non-physical parasites effecting you?

  • Why Am I Not Getting Better? - A talk about the energetic causes of illness.

  • What's Happening When we Fall Asleep? - Using a model of consciousness to better understand the sleeping and waking patterns of our life.

  • Technology & Consciousness - A discussion on the usefulness of meditation techniques and working with computers.

  • Creativity & Consciousness - A talk about how meditation can boost your creativity and art.

​Please contact Inner Source SF for questions and bookings:

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