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Client Session Information


The following information is aimed at providing you with initial information before your appointment, and provides some guidelines to follow so that we have more time to spend on you during our sessions together.

  • The personal details and history that you provide is kept strictly confidential between your self and me. This information is not released to anyone with out your consent outside of specific legal situations. The information you provide is critical in assessing whether the IST & healing process is right for you, and to make sure that any medical or physical issues are managed appropriately. Please ensure that you present all information accurately.

  • The IST process can be intense and cathartic at times, IST sessions are designed to put you in touch with the depth of yourself. So please be aware a certain degree of emotional stability and determination is required to take part in IST sessions.

  • The regularity and punctuality of IST clients is essential for the success of the sessions. Please ensure you arrive on time. On occasions where you will be late or not be able to attend, please notify me.  If you do not notify me of your cancellation or reschedule your session at least 48 hours in advance you will still be responsible for paying the full session fee.

  • Please discuss the practicalities of IST sessions with any medical practitioners or therapist you may be seeing, to ensure your practitioner and/or therapist agrees that the sessions will not be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

  • Please understand that recreational drugs and some medications create a major interference with the IST process and hence attempting to begin IST while taking recreational drugs is counter-productive. If you are in a phase of using recreational drugs then it is probably not the appropriate time to begin working with IST. It is best to wait at least 6 weeks after using any drugs before beginning sessions.

  • You will need to commit to not using any recreational drugs prior to any sessions and abstaining from any use throughout the duration of the IST sessions. If you drink alcohol you will need to refrain from drinking at least 24 hours before the beginning of an IST session.

  • Understand that some medications may preclude you from doing IST, so please inform me, before doing any IST sessions.

Get the most out of

your sessions:


* Keep meals light beforehand

* Limit coffee that day

* No alcohol for 48 hours prior

* No recreational drugs for 2 weeks

* Be open to what you are feeling

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