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ISIS (Emotional Release)

Meditation & IST Sessions 

Third Eye Meditation

The third eye meditation, as taught in the book Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan, M.D., is a simple and very prfound technique. It involves a quieting of the mental chatter as a way to transform the way you live. In the 21st century, we are bombarded with continuous noise and information, never allowing space for deep stillness. Third eye meditation workshops are held around the world. 

Please check out for a list of scheduled Awakening the Third Eye workshops.



IST or Inner Space Techniques encompases a variety of techniques and within these techniques, a process called IST is utilized. IST stands for Inner Space Interactive Sourcing. IST uses the meditative state of the third eye and is a process combining emotional release and metaphysical opening to shift and change unconscious patterns. These patterns often run our daily lives and actions, and can keep us feeling energetically stuck, mentally limited and trapped from achieving what we really want in life. This process offers a systematic and deep understanding to explore what's behind the emotional roller coaster of your everyday life.

How Does it Work?

The IST process works at a level of emotional release and healing that is beyond the ordinary mind. When we ask what’s wrong with us and how to fix the symptoms we are experiencing, we’re often operating from the ordinary mind. We don’t realize that many issues exist deep inside, beyond what the ordinary mind can perceive. Mygoal is to help you access the root of these issues through a process called sourcing.

Sourcing and Emotional Release

Through sourcing, I help clients move from the outer layers of emotions, thoughts and patterns to the inner depths of the psyche. By seeing what lies behind your emotional patterns and mental conditioning, huge understandings occur that can bring major shifts and clarity about who you really are.

The Process

​IST sessions are facilitated by a practitioner and is done with the client lying down. The practitioner utilizes a deep inner space of meditation (as developed by the Clairvision School) to gently guide the client out of the ordinary mind to levels of the psyche where profound emotional release can take place. A dialogue is then facilitated to explore and source the issues or blockages. Sessions last an hour with a discussion phase before and after.

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