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"I have great confidence in, and respect and affection for Rebecca. She is a wonderfully connected insightful  leader, teacher and friend with whom to explore my inner space . It's always interesting and transformational to do Isis with her.  I highly recommend working with her."

Male, 48 yrs old, Massage Therapist

Berkeley, CA

"Rebecca is an amazing IST practitioner. She lands a pure and golden light during her session which makes the space safe and inviting for us to dive into. Her unique flavor of Venusian energy makes us almost dance and allows us to explore deep spaces with grace and fearlessness. This woman is special, blessed, totally beautiful. She is a gift to all of us."

Female, 41 yrs old, Musician​

Boston, MA

"Working with Rebecca was a dream. Her ability to hold safe, deep healing spaces allowed me to face bigger issues with both the clarity and empowerment of choice."  


Female, 41 yrs old, Artist

Greenwich, CT

"Rebecca is an insightful, compassionate and gifted healer. My work with her helped shift core issues whilst also teaching me how to hold myself with confidence. She was instrumental in supporting me through a challenging year of post natal depression. Without her help I would have missed a valuable opportunity for growth."  


Female, 34 yrs old, Screen Writer

Brooklyn, NY

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