Inner Space Techniques (IST)

I utilize a unique system of meditation-based work and energetic techniques called Inner Space Techniques (IST). Developed by the Clairvision School of Meditation, these techniques have various applications ranging from health and healing to emotional release to energetic realignment and more metaphysical explorations.  




Meditation and IST Sessions

IST (Inner Space Techniques) sessions are designed to facilitate a process of self- exploration and a personal understanding of unconscious patterns and behaviors.    


Energetic Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are designed to facilitate the removal of energetic blockages and toxicity that may have causes issues in your life. Homeopathic medicine is incorporated when necessary to help facilitate the process and your health. ​
















Clearing Techniques

Clearing techniques in this context specifically refers to the removal of energetic parasites. These parasites are explored using the IST method and eventually cleared out of a person's energy using a systematic process of clearing energies.  




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* Emotional Freedom

* Living fully

Rebecca Pell, MSN, APRN, FNP-C    

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