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Preserving Fresh Herbs Beyond Fridge Date!


Preserving Your Fresh Herbs

fresh herbs

Here is a trick on how to extend the lifespan of fresh herbs. Whether whole leaves, or already chopped- you can use your herbs for much longer than usual.

Put them in a tall glass of water, like you would do for flowers, and cover them with a plastic bag pierced in several spots to allow the humidity to escape. Store the glass in the door of your fridge, you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this trick!

If you want to keep your herbs EVEN LONGER, the best is to freeze them. Herbs that freeze well: parsley, coriander, sage, chervil, tarragon or chives. Wash and dry them. You can freeze them whole with the stem if you want to, just chop pieces out when you need them. You can also pick the leaves off and freeze them lying flat on a tray. Once they are frozen, store them in a sealed bag in your freezer.

fresh herbs in olive oil

If your herbs are already chopped, put them in the cubes of your ice tray and cover with either water or you can use olive oil (my preference!). You want one teaspoon of chopped herbs for one tablespoon of water/olive oil.

Once they are frozen, store the cubes in a sealed freezing bag. Whenever you need the herb, just pop a couple of ice cubes out and let them melt in a colander, or place the cubes directly in soups, stews etc.


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