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Stuffy, Sneezy, Yucky Colds - Remedies that can help!


Stuffy, Sneezy, Yucky Colds - Remedies that can help!

First things first - Not all colds need to be treated with remedies! Our systems are intuitive and smart. Sometimes we just need to move things out, changes things up or simple just let our bodies do the thing it is doing. I am an advocate for letting people move through colds (and fevers too) without the help of remedies.

That said, I know having a cold can be a total burden in our busy lives. Especially if you get them over and over, ugh. The remedies below are indicators for people who have a common cold - aka nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, head cold, or simply a cold! The common cold is a viral infection of your upper respiratory tract — your nose and throat.

A common cold is usually harmless, although it may not feel that way at the time. If it's not a runny nose, sore throat and cough, it's the watery eyes, sneezing and congestion — or maybe all of the above. In fact, because any one of more than 100 viruses can cause a common cold, signs and symptoms tend to vary greatly.

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Aconite - Cold comes on suddenly, especially after exposure to cold, dry wind. Sneezing, burning throat, restless, symptoms worse at night

Belladonna - Cold comes on suddenly, with a high temperature. Skin is hot, dry, and burning. Light hurts eyes, sore throat worse on right side, tickly cough and very thirsty.

Gelsemium - Cold is more like a flu. Feel sluggish, limbs chilly, aching, everything feels heavy.

Nux vomica - Feel irritable and critical more than normal. Feel chilly and nose runs during the day but becomes blocked at night.

Natrum Muratica - For the early stages of a cold. Sneezing worse in the morning. The mucus is like raw egg whites, and may have a blocked nose, cold sores. Feel like being left alone.

Bryonia - Cough and headache made worse by coughing, Dry mouth and throat. Very thirsty and feel irritable, wants to be left alone. Any movement makes symptoms worse.

Allium cepa - Eyes streaming, discharge from the nose burns upper lip. Feel better in fresh air.

Euphrasia - Profuse mucus that causes burning sensation in the eyes. Eyes are streaming and feel worse at night.

Homemade Remedies


Echinacea - Speeds recover. Reduces risk of catching a cold.

Fenugreek and Thyme - helps rid nasal passages of mucus.

Ginger - Stops head and chest congestion, malaise and chills.

Chicken soup - The oldest documented recommendation of chicken soup as a cold remedy is credited to Moses Maimonides, a theologian and physician who lived in the late 12 Century. To this day, most people report that it does wonders over plain hot water.




Fresh Air

Drink lots of fluids

Avoid Sugar

Exercise - If you don't have a fever and are not to tired, movement/exercise it helpful to keep things moving.

Over the Counter Cold Medicine - Over the counter drugs are common and used to suppress cold symtoms. Unfortunetly, suppressing sneezes and mucus production lengenths the amount of time the body needs to expel the virus.


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