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Slice and Peel - Avocado, Ginger, Garlic


Slice and Peel Made Easy: Avocados, Ginger, Garlic

1. Slice Avocados in their Skins

To slice avocados for salads or guacamole, split them in half, remove the pit by whacking it with the heel of your knife and twisting it out, then slice it directly in the skin using the tip of a paring knife or a spoon (my preference) or chef's knife. When you then scoop it out with a spoon, you'll have slices ready to go, with less mess than trying to fiddle with slippery peeled avocado a cutting board.

2. Peel Ginger with a Spoon

Ginger can be tricky to peel with all its bumps and irregularities. Rather than using a paring knife or vegetable peeler, reach for the spoon. Scrape it against the skin and it'll come right off, following every contour and minimizing waste.

3. Peel an entire Head of Garlic in 10 Seconds


I know what you're thinking: I already know the trick involving smashing a garlic clove with a knife to quickly remove its skin. Well this is a new, and rather incredible trick. And you don't even need a knife! it. You just need two bowls, a solid cutting board or counter and you're 10 seconds away from a bunch of naked garlic cloves. First- smash the entire head with the heel of her palm. This breaks the head up into the individual cloves. Now, put all the cloves in a stainless bowl. Take another stainless bowl, same size and flip it on top of the bowl with the garlic. Hold together tight and shake shake shake! All the cloves should be peel free.

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