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5 Homeopathic Remedies for Hay Fever



Homeopathy for Hay Fever

It's that time of the year again... Sigh... Luckily, there are some great homeopathic remedies that can help relieve those itchy eyes, running nose and sore throat that come with seasonal allergies.

allium cepa

Allium cepa

Your nose and eyes are streaming profusely; Bland discharge from the eyes with nose discharge that burns. Could have a headache and sore throat. Your symptoms may get worse when entering a warm room (sneezing!), and being indoors. You feel better from being in a cold room and in open air. Your eyes may be sensitive to light.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album

You have very frequent and intense sneezing with a frontal headache. Sensitive to light and eyes may burn. Feel some relief from heat and hot foods.



Constant sneezing with stuffy (if cold rain outside) or streaming nose. Eyes are swollen and watering. All made worse by going outside, smelling new mowed grass. Symptoms are worse if you get chilled after being hot and any sudden temperature changes. Warmth makes you feel better.



Great remedy for when the eyes are being affected! Thick, burning discharge from the eyes, can be swollen. Bland discharge from the nose, coughing up phlegm. Symptoms are worse when lying down and in the evening.



Nonstop sneezing! Eyes are heavy, puffy, and watering. Worse in the heat of summer. May feel apathetic, dizzy and shaky.

Not matching your symptoms? Tried it and didn't work? Set up a consultation today to get a remedy that addresses your allergies and other constitutional issues at play.


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